The "Oficina Tempo dos Sonhos"

(loosly translated "Dreams Time Workshop")

Founded in 2003

Born from the imagination and efforts between Vasco Ramalho and Paula Pão Alvo, both with an extensive background creating handcraft leather shoes.

All the leather with wich we work, comes from cattle bred to be used in the food industry. We don't work with materials from cattle that was bred in captivity with the sole purpose of using it's body parts, neither do we use raw materials from wild animals.

  • Top Quality
  • Criativity
  • Eco-friendly
  • Excelent costumer service

Our products


Our products are unique, criative and express our respect for Mother Nature

All our products are handmade and most also painted by hand, using high quality leathers and materials processed through ecological techniques and methods.


Professional, super criative, available and friendly. The orders are delivered when agreed. They are receptive to our ideas allowing us to costumise the products as we'd like.

Sílvia Lopes

Such gorgeous products you have. I'm a shoes and boots fanatic ;-) 10 stars or much more, no doubt :-)

Helena Scarpa Inês